Social Media
Social Media is evolving and starting to take over as a powerful form of advertising. Today companies are leveraging social media more than traditional advertising channels to advertise their products and services.

Search Media Selection :

Each social media site has its own unique properties that allow businesses to capitalize on their company’s strengths. Each platform can serve its own purpose and be highly effective when used as a cost-efficient advertising method. has a highly skilled and talented team of social media experts that have a proven track record of creating and maintaining dynamic campaigns, educating and training clients in how to leverage social media to its fullest, and staying up to date on important changes made daily to the platforms.

When selecting a social media platform to integrate into your business plan, we take a step back, and develop a social media model that supports your company’s goals and customer demographics. Talk to us today to become more social.


Customising Your Brand & Campaign :

We look at all the important elements of your brand like your unique selling proposition, your logo, your audience, your marketing objectives, your offline identity and the trajectory of your overall marketing campaign.

From account creation on all the major social networking platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter, to the design of custom profiles and branding, our team of experts have worked with the best social media sites and know the best strategies for each of them.

By customising your online campaign we ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure and has maximum impact on all the right channels, reaching more of the right audience and gaining you more customers.


Networking Tools

Businesses are using social networks to build business relationships with colleagues and potential clients. LinkedIn is specifically targeted to that audience. And some are taking it further still and using social networking sites to actively promote themselves and their businesses. Many more would like to utilize these tools to increase their business presence but aren’t sure how to go about it. After all, it’s long been recognized that word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising, and social networking is just an online extension of that.

The most suitable social networking platforms to grow your business when used effectively are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • Youtube

To help you make the most of these and other popular social platforms we have developed the expertise that provides the guidance you need to sort through the various social technologies.


Social Media Set up :

There are currently 901 million Facebook users active today and 140 million users on Twitter. Having a social media presence is vital to any business. Having the ability to interact and connect with potential customers is easier now more than ever.

Flytech solutions can set up and guide you through the world of social media by tailoring packages for your business’s specific needs.


  • Set up the account
  • Unique cover image Consultation on how to use your Posts to engage with your audience and attract more “likes”
  • Consultation on how to use poll’s, archive images and video, notes and all the tools Facebook has from the get go.
  • Integrate Facebook into your web site.


  • Set up the account
  • Unique background image
  • Consultation on how to use tweets, such using # tags’s to get yourself noticed by potential followers
  • Integrate Twitter into your web site


  • Set up the YouTube Channel
  • Unique background image
  • Consultation on how to maximise the impact of videos uploaded
  • Consultation on how to build playlists
  • Consultation on how to use all the tools YouTube has from the get go
  • Integrate YouTube videos into your web site


  • Set up LinkedIn account
  • We will work with you to help you achieve a 100 % profile completion
  • We will advise you on how to connect with people and business relevant to your sector
  • We will advise you on how to use posts and updates correctly to create interest and encourage connections to your profile